How We Help

Made For A Miracle is funded solely off of donations, fundraisers and the time volunteered by others.

Made For a Miracle is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

We hope to raise funds for the various gifts we hope to bless the

families of critically-ill children with. We pray that

each gift will be a light on their darkest days.


We hope you can help us in collecting the various

items listed for the fundraisers. Care Packages and

Gas Cards will be a continuous fundraiser that we

will collect throughout the year. You may also

contribute by making a monetary donation.


                 Parent to Parent Support (one on one support) 


                 Prayers and Prayer Chains


                 Daily emails with messages of ENCOURAGEMENT and HOPE


                 Play dates (all ages)


                 Support Group ~ Coffee Break ~ Mommy's Night Out


                 Sibling Day Out (ages 5+)


                 Emergency hospital stay care packages


                 Special Occasion Gifts: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,

                 Birthdays and Christmas


                 Memory Boxes


                 Financial Support such as gas cards, grocery store gift cards,

                 meal cards and other donations.


                 Assist with being a liaison between family and hospital staff and case                                  worker


                 Supply family with other resources and reading materials


                 Community Events (lots planned for the rest of 2015 and 2016)


                 Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)


                 Weekly Newsletter with helpful tips and supportive information

What we do for families

Please help and Donate

        List of fundraisers we work on              every year:    


  • NICU Care Packages

  • NICU Journals

  • Baby books 

  • Gas Cards and Meal Gift Cards

  • Ronald McDonald House Wish List 

  • Made For A Miracle Wish List

  • Family and Baby NICU Memory Gift boxes

  • Christmas Gifts for baby and families

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Made For A Miracle is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. We were created to assist NICU, PICU and Special Needs families with prayers, support, information and resources. We are a volunteer support group. We do not provide medical advice. Views reflected are our own and not of any facility we serve.