Jessina Faith

At 12 weeks i was put on complete bed rest due to subchorionic hemorrhage that lead to my placenta not working properly and other issues. I had just started my 3rd trimester when i started to not feel well. I was feeling very sick, bad headaches, blurred vision, random nose bleeds. My face, hands and feet started swelling and I would get this pain in my chest that would leave me short of breath. On March 13th I decided to go see my OB. My BP was dangerously high (180/109) and my urine showed protein in it. I was sent to Labor & delivery to have a NST test and be further evaluated. After having numerous lab tests and ultrasounds done it was then that the drs decided to hospitalize me due to my tests being abnormal and told me that my baby was in distress and measuring 3 weeks behind and i would be there till I delivered.


By the 5th day in the hospital I started to become very very sick. I was having decreased fetal movement with dropping heart rate, I started to have intense pressure in my body and the most unbearable stomach and chest pain I've ever felt. The pain was so unbearable i was unable to breath or even sit still. That evening my labs revealed that my platelets, hemoglobin, liver & kidney enzymes were at critical levels. I was in organ failure. It was then that I found out I was suffering from HELLP syndrome. The pain I was feeling was actually my liver rupturing and my body was shutting down. They told me in order to save my life they needed to deliver the baby immediately.


My rupturing liver left me and my baby fighting for our lives. I was 28weeks pregnant and my baby was born weighing 1lb 7.3oz. My labs went from stable to life threatening in a matter of hours. After delivery my organs continued to fail so I was unable to see my baby for 5 days.


Up until I had it myself I had never heard of HELLP and it's a very scary thing to go through. I hope I can help raise awarness and be an advocate or mentor to other parents who are going through similar situations.

Yes it's been quite the journey but so very blessed for our little miracle! I would be happy for you to share my story. My baby girl is Jessina Faith. She weighed 1lb 7.3oz at birth and graduated from the nicu on 5/27/16 weighing 5lbs 12oz. We're very grateful and fortunate that Jessina is doing well and thriving. 

Thank You, 

Mom- Sabrina

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