Made For A Miracle Wishlist

We have been given an opportunity to bless others while they persevere through their journey. We hope you can help us meet the needs of the children and families we serve by donating items on our own wishlist. The listed items will be used for family time projects during NICU Family Network family gatherings. The items are as follows: 


Sibling Activities


  • Newborn Onesies White only (any Brand)

  • White Rice

  • Sandwich Bags

  • White linen table napkins or white roll of fabric (any style)

  • Pacifiers

  • Gently Used, Clean Receiving Blankets

  • Small photo album booklets for Boys and Girls

  • Matchbox Cars

  • Regular Playing Cards

  • Go Fish, Old Maid, Matching Card games

  • new or gently used table games

  • Costume Jewelry

  • Small Coloring Books

  • crayons

  • Stickers

  • Small Toys (Action Figures, Dolls, etc.)

  • Clear Plastic Shoeboxes/ plastic bins

  • Fabric Markers - all colors

  • buttons, all sizes, all colors, 

  • mini pom poms

  • mini hot glue gun/hot glue 

  • large white socks

  • rubber bands



Parent Support


  • Target, Walmart, Walgreens Gift Cards (for a family) 

  • Starbucks Gift Cards ($5 and $10 amounts)

  • Small water bottles

  • Paper plates, plastic utensils, plastic cups, napkins

  • Gift Cards to restaurants

  • Baby books (for parents to read to their baby or child)

  • Inspirational Cards

  • Coffee Packets (Cause parents need caffeine sometimes)

  • Travel size toiletries for emergecy hospital stays (toothbrush/paste, deodorant, face wipes, kleenex, snacks, water bottle, gum)


Holiday Items


  • Bags of holiday candy (small chocolates, candy canes, etc.)

  • Cardstock Paper (any size)

  • Quilts or baby blankets (new & gently used)

  • Christmas Stockings (medium to large sizes)

  • $5 Starbucks gift cards

  • clear-fillable ornaments

  • Thick Ribbon, pink-blue-baby blue-white-red

  • gift boxes for large fillable ornaments

  • gift boxes for shirts/onesies



Administrative Items


  • Postage Stamps

  • White Copy Paper

  • Printer Ink

  • Paper clips, tape, post it notes, pens

  • GIft Card to Staples, Amazon or Hobby Lobby




Thank You SO much for all your help. You are all such an amazing blessing.

We can't do any of this without you!!

Thank You!

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